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Coastal Brown Bears of Alaska

A collection of favorites from 2007-2012 annual visits to Katmai Natio ...

Updated: May 25, 2015 6:13am PST


Wildlife images - other than the Coastal Brown Bears of Alaska

Updated: May 25, 2015 6:19am PST


Explore the beauty of the world around us

Updated: Apr 26, 2015 6:16am PST

Feathered Friends

Birds from around the country & world

Updated: May 25, 2015 6:38am PST


Insects & Flowers

Updated: Mar 01, 2014 6:31am PST

Adventure Activities

Sampling of some of our adventure activities

Updated: Feb 01, 2015 8:33pm PST

2011 Florida Fire Games - MTB Race

Covering the mountain bike solo and team events at Amelia Earhart Park ...

Updated: May 23, 2011 8:15am PST

2011 Florida Police & Fire Games - MTB Race

Covering the mountain bike event at Halpatioke in Stuart

Updated: Jul 25, 2011 3:41pm PST

2012 Florida Firefighter Games - MTB Race

Covering the mountain bike individual and team events at Santos Trails

Updated: May 04, 2012 8:25pm PST

Dall Sheep

Updated: Oct 06, 2011 6:12pm PST

2013 Brotherhood Ride

Updated: Jun 09, 2013 1:59pm PST

2015 Florida Firefighter Games - Mtn Biking

Updated: May 10, 2015 5:07am PST

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Tubridy Nature & Wildlife Adventure Photography was born in 2009 - the result of recognizing our passion of adventure travel & photography. We are fortunate enough to be able to travel to many exciting places and have developed a deep love for nature & wildlife. Wherever we go, we try new things, which challenge our very being. Whether hanging out with grizzly bears in Katmai, ice climbing & glacier hiking, soaring in gliders over the Hawaiian coastline, ziplining through the rainforest, mountain biking, parasailing, hiking, hot air ballooning or whitewater rafting - there’s nothing that we won’t try (at least not yet).

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

Debbie & Tom Tubridy

Photographers @ TNWA Photography
(Retired Medical Sales Rep & Retired Firefighter too)

Nikon camera bodies & lenses, Gitzo & Manfrotto tripods, Wimberley, Gitzo, & Manfrotto mounts
MacBook Pro & iMac

Favorite Subjects:
Nature, wildlife, adventure, travel

Favorite vacation spots:
Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Canadian Rockies, Montana, Wyoming, Utah & Colorado

Favorite quote:
“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”
- John Muir

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